Tuesday, 9 April 2013

NYC2123 Graphic Novel Review
Samrat Poonia

NYC2123 is a graphic novel; it is ranked at 9,691,240 in the world, meaning that it tends to generate massive visitors.  Ever since a tsunami devastated the land of Manhattan and things have not been the same. Much causality occurred; people were eagerly seeking help because they were capable to take corrective action, and the area was in chaotic shape. For those that made an effort to take a step forward eventually lost hope, because it was rather impossible to walk in hard mess. For example, things were tarnished; people couldn’t go ahead due to the obstacles. In such circumstances, people were suffering, were fighting, were agitated, because everything they had or owned is now gone. In detail, Fugitive cities were formed in the waters around Manhattan, bridges and tunnels were devastated, people started breaking the law, they began to rob goods that they got in hand, they also fought vigorously being in turmoil, and they started to accept and believe the fact that since they have lost everything, why not destroy what comes in way. Even more dangerously, because of this situational factor, a gang forms and together they operate outside of the law. Finally, these gang members are increasing; they are working to get a piece of the pie, by spreading terror amongst innocent people, and extorting goods illegally.
The story is interesting because it gives a strong sense of what people can do when they are in certain circumstances. The story is seems to be based on factual evidence, it is a story that anyone can connect and relate to. For example, when a situational factor occurs, and people lose everything they have, they then become paranoid and angry to a point that they will commit to negative deeds. Emotionally, the story shows a significance of what changes people go through and accept because of hazards that have occurred. Generally, people do wrong things because of the challenging situations they embrace, but that does not necessarily mean these people are bad. Overall, the fact of the matter is that this story is realistic, emotional, and thought provocative because it makes you think about it.
The visuals are creative and show a limited but effective use of colour, they depict meaning and it keeps me engaged with it. The colour that is used in the graphic novel--although most of it is black and white--is used to highlight and emphasize certain things such as blood or key objects. In further detail, the visuals portray emotions, it gives me a sense of what the story is talking about, it reflects empathy, and it keeps me curious. I think the visuals are effective and relevant as far as story is concerned. The style of the novel is very western oriented with realistic and adult-like human characteristics. This is in stark contrast to many mangas who portray more youthful appearances.
Overall, the illustrations and content complement each other. It does so because the pictures speak the story, it depicts it, and the content explains the situation clearly. I strongly feel that if anyone falls in the same phase or experiences a horrendous situation as written in this story, they will commit to do wrong, their mindset will be pressured, and their life will change. I enjoyed reading this story because it was informative, interactive, and creative. As a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre I can say that I enjoyed this novel due to its frantic nature. However if one does not enjoy this type of setting, it may not be worth the time invested.

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